Listening our way home — the shamanic journey

We all know that there’s more than we can see.
That the whole spinning whirling buzzing world
     lies in pregnant companionship with us
               if we but look
                      turn our attention to the receiving

     if we but recognize the way the world always was
                                                                        our home

                                                                              all along.
It’s a practice.

Will you join us?

     Like yoga,
           like meditation

         shamanism is a practice of attention
     a practice of listening
       a practice of companionship
          a practice of access to the Sacred.

The primary tool is the drum.

When we sit together in circle, gathered by the circle of the drum
   into the circle of companionship
         with each other
         with the world
         with the Sacred
                         listening becomes easier
                               access becomes truer
                                      healing begins.

Please join us.
     We are all longing to sit together in circle.

Listening in this deeper way
     listening with our inner ears
          we can begin to find our way back home.

The steady rhythms of the frame drum
(a technology of access known for tens of thousands of years)
literally entrains the brain into a deeper place

                                  of easier access to the Sacred.

A shamanic drumming journey is a short experience of access
     and part of the walking, on the path of the larger healing.

The journey itself is generally 15-20 minutes or so in length
     but the experience opens into greater breadth and depth
     than the clock’s minutes would imply.

You are welcome
     …no matter how new you are to shamanism,
                     or how long your path has been.

Come once, get a taste
       come frequently, begin to walk in rhythm
   come every week, make it your practice.

                         we heal our way back home.

Will you register and join us?
     will you join us in the circle?

                                                The circle welcomes you.

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  1. i am listening . . .

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