queen of the sun (a love song)

     They dance

                    from sun to earth

               and back to sun again

                                      a choreography of flower

in the


          and                                 of

     courtship                       soil





                    to meet sky,



                                                                      to bud and blossom

          earth sex-energy rises

          where      nectar




        The splendid honeybees.

    Bees are the legs of plants,      Michael Pollan tells us


       are the very


                  of this

                   courtship dance     


       in this    g

                                                               of      flower
                                                                            and           flower

                 soil and sun

                                                       and seed.

Feeding on photosynthesis

                           nectar-of-light distilled into life

     they themselves                  are the essential partnership…    

                     they themselves                     are the bridge…

           they themselves                          are the link…

               of plant and animal
                                    of soil and sky.

They transform


                                             into sun’s light,


            for sweetness’s sake.


                                          For the sake of the sweetness

                               and the sake of the sting,

                                                                              For the sake of the form

                                                              and the sake of the transform,

           For the sake of the hive
                 and the sake of the womb.
For the sake of the soil   

      and the sake of the sky.

For the sake of the




             For the sake of the life                      and the sake of the light

         their dance of the nectar

                                is transformed

                         into the nectar of their dance

                                         — this dance of life’s partnering, this courtship dance of life —

                  ( this dance
                    the gift
                    of such sweetness….         )

         without the honeybee there could not honey-be

                                    any such sweetness

                           nor any such dance.

      Over 40% of our food
4 out of every 10 bites that humans eat
(let alone what the rest of the planet eats)
                    is pollinated by the honeybees.


  They dance the whole living world together.

                               to insects
                                                                                                    to birds
                                                                  to mammals
                           in network

                                   in dance

                                               in life.


     I had been waiting

          to see this      



          Queen of the Sun:
                    What are the Bees Telling Us?

I wept for most of the film

                honey-melted by love
                                  for these strange and intimate beings.

                                                                   Weeping not in grief or fear for the threats to them

                                                                                 but in awe for their great gift
                                                                                       and gratitude for their sweet life

               and moved deeply by the beloved bond of



                                                  and bee.

With deep gratitude to the following Flickr photographers for their gorgeous photos:


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7 Responses to queen of the sun (a love song)

  1. Roxanne says:

    When I was living in Washington, DC, there was a Haagen Dazs shop that was trying to raise awareness on issues related to the plight of bees in America. I always supported them, but I only just realized that they need to hire you to tell the story in such a personal, moving way. Your poetry and photos speak volumes, as always.

    • Karen says:

      I think the whole world is reaching out to us, yearning to be heard and met in companionship and partnership, however personally and movingly we — any of us — can step forward to meet them. Bees are only a part of it. Thank you Roxanne for your support of the bees, thank you to Haagen Dazs, thank you to the whole buzzing flying humming living world around us.

  2. Marjory says:

    I love honey and I love bees dear Karen. In fact, I used to imagine myself a bee, following my bliss from flower to flower. One of my totems! Bee medicine is powerful, ancient, flowing from heart to heart. Bees are communal beings, architects of nature. Love the hexagon shape of the honeycombs! ;)
    Thank you for raising awareness in such a poetic way.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, bee medicine is very powerful. There is actually an ancient European tradition of bee shamanism, with the bee-sting venom used as a psychoactive medium of connection with the sacred.

      In fact, this film tells us that bee venom is actually the same kind of venom as rattlesnake venom, it’s just that we get a lot less of it in a bee sting.

      Very powerful totem, very powerful guide. Bee is one of my own guides as well.

  3. Though I admit to involuntary shudders at the sight of the bee sitting on that finger without a glove anywhere in sight, I am intrigued with bees and how different I feel when I go more than 2 days without taking my honey. Beautiful post – to look at and read.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you. :) The bees are a large part of the beauty and sweetness we find in the world. It would all be very different without their honey.

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